The Center for Technology Access and Training (CETAT) is committed to bridging the digital divide and eliminating digital inequity.


CETAT improves the lives of people in developing communities by empowering members to be creators and innovators of technology.   We believe that with broadband access to technology, along with a powerful device and adequate training, people affected by the digital divide will have greater success in employment, education and advocacy.

Technical Assistance

CETAT provides technical assistance to organizations by helping them setup and configure cost effective computer labs and technologies.  We assist in the acquisition, configuration of hardware and networks as well as the installation and training of open source and commercial software.

Information Technology Training

CETAT delivers state of the art training for business on multimedia and emerging technologies.  We provide in-depth training on the Microsoft Office Suite, Web Design, Security, PC Assembly, Cloud Computing and Multimedia applications.


CETAT believes that technology can be used as a catalyst for social change.  Through the development of electronic bulletin boards, meet-ups and online communication forums, CETAT will use technology to raise awareness on issues, shape attitudes and recruit people to impact social change.