Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions is designed to provide information technology services to businesses These services include:  web development, data management, hardware, software and network configuration, installation and maintenance

Web development

Create customized websites for organizations using content management systems such as:  WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.  Sites can include:  registrations, blogs, shopping carts, language translations, links to social media, etc.  Sites can also include customized photography and videos.

Data management

Create database management systems to store organizational data into the cloud.  Services will include:  table structures, importing data to new systems, creating forms, queries and reports

Network Installation & Configuration

Installation, configuration and maintenance of computer hardware, computer software and networks:  Services may include procuring and setting up computers.  Installing and configuring software, and establishing and administering computer networks.

US Dream Academy – Computer Lab Setup

CETAT staff and students from Prince George’s Community College setup a computer lab for students at the Dream Academy in Baltimore City.